Difficulty at school? 

Is your son or daughter having problems with reading, writing, spelling or numeracy? This may have come as quite a shock, causing distress and anxiety to parent/carer and child alike. The cause of the problem may be dyslexia.  This affects around 1 in 10 people, and varies from mild to severe. It is a difference in the way the brain is wired – it is not linked to intelligence.

A person with dyslexia learns in a different way – typically being stronger on the right side of the brain. This often means they are creative, imaginative and artistic. But they need appropriate teaching to acquire the skills of reading and writing.

Dyslexia affects people in different ways, sometimes becoming a problem during secondary school when studies become more demanding, long essays must be written, and exams must be completed with tight time constraints. If exam results are not consistent with class work, dyslexia may be the culprit.

Thinking of University?

Some students with dyslexia cope until they reach university, when their grit and determination are no longer enough. All Universities have a student support office where you can go for help and advice.You may be entitled to government funded support. (DSA).

My name is Sheila Brooks and I have a passion to help people reach their potential. I work in the Swansea area of Wales, but may be able to provide remote support if you live elsewhere. If you would like to find out more, or arrange an assessment, please contact me.

It is never too late. Dyslexia can be diagnosed and support offered at any age.